Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boys vs Girls

When pregnant with Owen, I prayed for a healthy baby regardless of the sex but secretly hoped for another boy. After Ben, boys were what I knew. I wanted a playmate for Ben. Girls even though I am one (stating the obvious I know) scare me a wee bit for many different reasons. I describe girls as "high maintenance" and well that is just not "me".
I had the pleasure of picking up my little niece Nora from daycare the other day and got thinking that perhaps I was wrong on this whole girl theory. She showed me her adorable little pair of extra shoes in her cubby...gorgeous little silver ballet flats and I melted. Then driving home this sweet little voice came from the backseat of my car and was such a beautiful sound. I adore little girls voices. All kids tiny voices are beautiful but little girls....ohh.
She is starting dance lessons soon and having taken lessons for 15 years myself, I realized instead of warm dance studios, or coffee with the other moms while the girls are in lessons, I will surely be spending my time instead in cold arenas and on hot fields.
When I got her back to our place her and Ben began to play and were very excited to see each other and they had to be told several times not to do things as they were a little crazy. At one point I asked them both to not do something and this sweet little princess looked me in the eye and defiantly said "NO"....that was it, end of discussion, don't talk to me....NO.
And I flashed back to all the horrible horrible things I said to my mother when younger and the things I put her through, how rotten I was to her and I thought "good thing I got boys - payback would surely be a bitch!" .
I figure when I need some girl time I will simply just borrow Nora, take her for a mani/pedi and some shopping and then send her home.
But you know what they say...
A daughter is a daughter for life
A son is a son till he takes a wife


Anonymous said...

awww so cute!!! love the picture. owie and ben will always me mammas boys, wife or not. and hopefully you can have a great relationship with their wives too! and then have adopted daughters hehehehe
love ya
xxxx jenn

Clippy Mat said...

this is lovely.
i hope you get all your little girl 'fixes' with little noo noo.

and your boys will always by your boys.
just make sure, as i did, that they marry lovely girls.

clinka said...

ahhh, little noo noo loves her auntie kee!

Vron xx said...

Hi Kari -love to read your blog -Ben and Nora look like good little friends. So happy for you and Ian -Owen's baptism looked such a special day -thanks to Andrew for posting his pics so quick for us to share. Hugs to Jules and julian ( loved Julian's tie!! )Thank God Jenn is with you sharing happy times xx