Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boys vs Girls

When pregnant with Owen, I prayed for a healthy baby regardless of the sex but secretly hoped for another boy. After Ben, boys were what I knew. I wanted a playmate for Ben. Girls even though I am one (stating the obvious I know) scare me a wee bit for many different reasons. I describe girls as "high maintenance" and well that is just not "me".
I had the pleasure of picking up my little niece Nora from daycare the other day and got thinking that perhaps I was wrong on this whole girl theory. She showed me her adorable little pair of extra shoes in her cubby...gorgeous little silver ballet flats and I melted. Then driving home this sweet little voice came from the backseat of my car and was such a beautiful sound. I adore little girls voices. All kids tiny voices are beautiful but little girls....ohh.
She is starting dance lessons soon and having taken lessons for 15 years myself, I realized instead of warm dance studios, or coffee with the other moms while the girls are in lessons, I will surely be spending my time instead in cold arenas and on hot fields.
When I got her back to our place her and Ben began to play and were very excited to see each other and they had to be told several times not to do things as they were a little crazy. At one point I asked them both to not do something and this sweet little princess looked me in the eye and defiantly said "NO"....that was it, end of discussion, don't talk to me....NO.
And I flashed back to all the horrible horrible things I said to my mother when younger and the things I put her through, how rotten I was to her and I thought "good thing I got boys - payback would surely be a bitch!" .
I figure when I need some girl time I will simply just borrow Nora, take her for a mani/pedi and some shopping and then send her home.
But you know what they say...
A daughter is a daughter for life
A son is a son till he takes a wife

Saturday, October 3, 2009


One more weekend. Which means I made it. Ian made it. We made it!! In one sense it has been a very long 4 months, in another it has gone by quickly (more so for us than Ian) but it's almost done. There were many times when I didn't think I would make it. I cried and screamed "I can't do it " and then there was my mother- in- law with a big hug and a reassuring "check your head girl, cause I know its tough but I know you can do it and we're here to help". And boy were they! I would not have survived these past 4 months on my own every weekend with a newborn and a 3 year old without the help of some very wonderful people who ensured that I was not on my own at all, without the phone calls and emails even from as far away as England rooting me on and sending loads and loads of love and support, without the friends who call every weekend and come and visit almost every weekend to try and keep me busy!. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart xxx

Monday, September 28, 2009

That's my boy...

I can not stop watching this and laughing. A few friends have asked where he gets his moves from but my best friend just automatically replied when I sent this to her "well we know he gets his moves from you!" I replied to her "of course...have you ever seen Ian dance...I haven't! God I love this kid....

Friday, August 28, 2009


So I nip into the grocery store today to get a few things. On the way in I grab 2 packs of the brown organic/yard waste bags as we are out. Upon walking into the store an old man asks me "how much for the bags?". I reply " I'm sorry I don't know, there was no sign". He looks at me with utter disgust and shakes his head. WTF??? Surely he couldn't have thought I worked there as I was not in a uniform and I was pushing a grocery cart containing a baby carrier in it. So why was he so disgusted with me? Perhaps because it is just like us younger generation to consider buying something without knowing the cost??? It wasn't a bloody flat screen TV it was garbage much could they possibly be?? With a 3 year old and and 4 month old I don't have time to shop around for the best price on garbage bags old man...when I see something I need I buy it!!!
Ah, that feels better! Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

He ain't heavy....he's my brother!

Owen is a big baby. He has rolls...many rolls. Rolls that need to be tended to so stuff does not grow in them...I know...ewww.
While he is on the big size I don't find him overly huge or anything...I like to call him " healthy". He was so tiny at birth- 7lbs 1 oz which is a nice size. Ben was 6lb 15 oz and dropped to 6lbs 3 oz before we left the hospital as we had some feeding problems. Owen on the other hand gained from day 1 and sucked back bottles like nobody's business! I remember having to strip Ben naked and try so hard the first few days to get him to eat an ounce of formula. Owen on the other hand was eating about 3 ounces right from the start and I was so happy to not have the added stress of worrying that he was eating enough.
I wonder if you have a tiny baby if people make the same rude comments about how malnourished your child looks....honestly the things some people say! The other day a waitress at our favourite breakfast joint said when we came in carrying Owen "oh my god look at your giant baby!" Giant? What is he the Hulk or something at 4 months of age?
Ben caught up quickly in the feeding department and was a big baby as well although not with as many rolls. On vacation once all in the same day someone said about Ben " oh my look at him, he is a big boy-Hercules Hercules!" Huh? That was followed by some snooty lady walking by him while I was feeding him on a park bench and saying "wow look at the size of his head!". My boys have large heads but Ben grew into his and I know Owen will do the same. My dad said as this b***ch walked away without another word that I should have replied "wow look at the size of your nose" as it was a honker...wish we had thought of that sooner!!
I am sure there are many more of these comments to come...I need to find my inner b**ch and be prepared with some good responses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I do...

A good friend got married this past weekend. I love weddings! I love "love". It was a beautiful day despite the rain and black clouds that lingered throughout the day but just as I told her that morning when she called frantically for a weather report the sun came out just before she walked down the aisle. She looked at me while walking down the aisle and said "you were right!". They are a wonderful couple with two beautiful little girls and it was so nice to witness them become husband and wife. The reception was a blast and a good time was had by all. Ian could not be there and while I did have such a good time that my hips hurt the following day from too much dancing (?) I missed him horribly. Together at weddings I can usually be found on the dance floor and Ian at the bar but its nice to have that home base to come back to and to check in with from time to time. When I needed a break from dancing I would look around and realize he wasn't there. I have no idea how single people do it and the next time I want to start an argument with him over something silly I will definitely think of this and how fortunate we are to have each other.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


6:50pm. Is it bedtime yet? I could go to bed right now. How is it the kiddies look anything but tired and I am trying with everything I have to not fall asleep sitting up right now. Ben recently gave up his afternoon nap and by this time he is on his tenth wind and is just plain silly! Not sure why I am so tired since I have basically only had one child all weekend-Nannie Pat had Owen all day yesterday and Ben pretty much all day today....what a godsend! Must be the weather making me sleepy. That and the fact that I spent the day at an amusement park with Ben yesterday and even though he went to bed at 10pm last night he still felt the need to rise at 6am! On a happy note Ian is on 2 weeks vacation as of tomorrow! Woo-hoo...he should be calling work begging to go back early by about Wednesday!